Dr. Marrone’s accomplishments have had an extraordinarily positive impact on the agriculture and food industry. Dr. Marrone started three successful, high-impact agricultural natural product companies (Novo Nordisk Entotech, Inc., AgraQuest, Inc., Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc.,) to bring sustainable, eco-friendly pest control to farmers. At AgraQuest, she developed eight products from…

Don’t say, “I’m going to double your yield”

And other things I learned from a panel of large California growers.

Pheronym’s founders Dr. Kaplan and Mr. Schiller.

Another amazing THRIVE AG accelerator meeting: We met four large growers and listened to their unmet needs, how they find new technologies, and what not to say.

Western Growers ran…

Dr. Fatma Kaplan

CEO of Pheronym, Inc.

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