• Josue Lopez

    Josue Lopez

  • Ruhiyyih Dyrdahl-Young

    Ruhiyyih Dyrdahl-Young

  • Alexandra Spirer

    Alexandra Spirer

    I am an entrepreneur, publicist, journalist and event producer based in Sunny Florida. My passion is writing & giving back to others.

  • Tim Hammerich

    Tim Hammerich

    “Future of Agriculture” Podcast/Blog | Communications Consultant in Agriculture | Founder of AgGrad

  • Neil Cohen

    Neil Cohen

    Marketing Therapist — I help companies focus on what’s important.

  • Ian King

    Ian King

    Once (and future?) nematologist. MITACS Elevate Postdoc at the U of Guelph. Currently studying environmental DNA applications.

  • C’est La Vie

    C’est La Vie

    Writing About Life. Real Life. Real Perspectives. Real Events.

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